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How does Health Economic Evaluation help Chinese Market Access

Chinese market access process involves many steps. Entry into reimbursement list, bidding and purchasing, doctor prescription are the focus of market access. Although each step is characterized with specific function and corresponding stakeholders, they share common needs on health economics evidence. Take drug for example, 2016 version of national drug reimbursement list (NRDL) adjustment put emphasis on comparing and selecting drugs in accordance with the principle of pharmacoeconomics(PE). Provincial drug reimbursement list (PRDL) follows NRDL adjustment principles and takes local epidemiological and budget impact into consideration which are both included inside the PE research scope. Drug bidding and purchasing usually adopt classified procurement and PE could play an important role in patented or exclusive drugs through the form of negotiated procurement. Payment method reform, clinical pathway adoption and drug proportion policy all reduce doctors’ discretion of prescription thus promoting PE application.

To address the challenges posed by various market access steps, we provide well-rounded market access support within policy-specific context in China using specific tools and tactics including cooperation with multiple stakeholders from different levels and partnership with diverse databases.


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