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Market access has gained considerable attention worldwide as countries try to contain their escalating healthcare expenditures amidst the global economic slowdown. There is an increasing need to establish market access functions, especially in emerging markets, where the complex, dynamic healthcare landscape confounds product approval and uptake. Moreover, emerging markets are the engines of growth today, especially China, for which playing more and more critical role in the global economy. Thus, having a presence and good performance in these markets is critical for the majority of pharmaceutical companies.

To address the challenges posed by regulatory agencies and diverse stakeholders, we provide a customized reimbursement strategies and strong support for the market access in China with specific tools and tactics including a partnership with local databases, connections with multiple stakeholders as well as local policy interpretation and project experiences.


Individualized Plan

China market access process involves many steps. Entry into reimbursement list, bidding, purchasing, doctor prescription are the focus of market access. Although each step is characterized with specific function and corresponding stakeholders, they share common needs on health economics evidence.


Take a drug, for example, 2016 version of national drug reimbursement list (NRDL) adjustment put emphasis on comparing and selecting drugs in accordance with the principle of pharmacoeconomics(PE). Provincial drug reimbursement list (PRDL) follows NRDL adjustment principles and takes local epidemiological and budget impact into consideration which is both included in the PE. Drug bidding and purchasing usually adopt classified procurement and PE could play an important role in patented or exclusive drugs in the form of negotiated procurement. Payment method reform, clinical pathway adoption and drug proportion policy all reduce doctors’ discretion of prescription thus promoting PE application.


To address the challenges posed by various market access steps, we provide well-rounded market access support involving each step of the process considering the policy-specific context in China using specific tools and tactics including cooperation with multiple stakeholders from different levels and partnership with diverse databases.

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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Cost-Utility Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • We perform comparisons of costs and health outcomes between an intervention and its pertinent comparators using decision tree models, Markov models, and microsimulation models.

  • Upon the availability of data, we can also provide trail-based economic evaluations.

  • In addition, we also offer clinical trial design services if clients are willing to collect economic evaluation related data through a clinical trial.

Chinese Value Dossier 

  • Consider the special policy and market factors, our team helps to prepare a comprehensive and up to date evidence summary package supporting the negotiations and reimbursement submissions of new products. 

  • The package includes clinical data, economic evaluations(mainly budget impact analysis), and reports of in-depth interviews with Key Opinion Leader(KOL)s.

Budget-Impact Analysis

  • We perform estimations (usually short-term) of the financial consequences of including a new intervention/technology for different stockholders.

Latest Health policy Interpretation in China

  • A vast wave of health-related policies has been updated since the 2009 New Healthcare Reform. 

  • Many of the measures under the Reform are closely related to resource allocation and optimization, such as “Global Payment”, “Payment Method Reform”,  “Reimbursement Drug List(RDL) adjustment”, “Drug Negotiation ”, and “Public Hospital Reform(drug proportion control, grading diagnosis, and treatment)”.

  • Policy interpretation now is more important than ever for better understanding market regulations, forecasting market trend, identifying potential market and strengthening market competitiveness.

  • We provide scientific, accurate and timely health-related policy analysis, make customized market access strategy within the policy-specific context in China.

Country Adaptations of Economic Models

  • We offer country adaptations of global economic evaluation models.

  • We may adjust

    • the cost (health resource utilization, unit prices, etc.),

    • clinical outcomes (survival time, event rates, utilities, etc.),

    • local epidemiological data (humanistic burden of disease, prevalence etc.), and

    • comparators of drugs or devices according to the target country’s health care system, culture, demographics, and

    • stockholder’s requirements.

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