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Health economics evidence has been playing more and more roles in the medical decision-making process. Health economic evaluations aggregate cost and clinical outcomes evidence to provide short or long-term predictions that support stockholders to make decisions on pre-market evaluation, reimbursement, pricing of health technologies, and etc. Our experienced health economic team provides both Model-based and Trial based analysis.


Individualized Plan

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Cost-Utility Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis

We perform comparisons of costs and health outcomes between an intervention and its pertinent comparators using decision tree models, Markov models, and microsimulation models.
Upon the availability of data, we can also provide trail-based economic evaluations.
In addition, we also offer clinical trial design services if clients are willing to collect economic evaluation related data through a clinical trial.

Budget-Impact Analysis

We perform estimations (usually short-term) of the financial consequences of including a new intervention/technology for different stockholders.

Country Adaptations of Economic Models

We offer country adaptations of global economic evaluation models. We may adjust the cost (health resource utilization, unit prices, etc.), clinical outcomes (survival time, event rates, utilities, etc.), local epidemiological data (humanistic burden of disease, prevalence etc.), and comparators of drugs or devices according to the target country’s health care system, culture, demographics, and stockholder’s requirements.

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