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Clinical Practice Guidelines

We conduct, adapt, and facilitate the development of state of art clinical practice guidelines with our extensive clinical and methodological experiences on treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis related topics.

Evidence Mapping & Synthesis

We design and conduct various evidence mapping and synthesis projects to help you understand the current evidence landscape, the current treatment options, and obtain the most comprehensive relative effectiveness of interventions or diagnostic strategies.

Health Economic Evaluations

We perform individual health economic evaluations as well as provide packages that include such evaluations for Health Technology Assessment and Value Dossiers submissions.

 Patient-Reported Outcomes

We provide patient-reported outcomes (PRO) related study designs in regard to how to choose and implement instruments, how and when to collect PRO data in different study design such as health economic evaluation and Randomized Controlled Trials. We can also help you better analyzing, reporting and interpreting your PRO data.

Minimal Important Difference

Access the most comprehensive databases on all available anchor based minimal important difference (MID)s for different patient-reported outcomes across all therapeutic areas. Having access to this will help you interpret the patient-reported outcomes.

China Market Access

Facilitate the key steps to enter Chinese markets from national level to provincial level utilizing health economics, real-world evidence, and multiple stakeholders' involvement (payer, government, and key opinion leaders, etc).

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